Artificial Turf Cost: Is Artificial Turf A Better Choice Than Natural Grass?

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Compared with natural grass, artificial turf costs are limited to its installation only. It does not require any more maintenance.

Artificial Turf Cost: Is Artificial Turf A Better Choice Than Natural Grass?

Despite the high popularity of artificial grass, many are still confused about the feasibility of an artificial lawn or turf. Their primary concern is the artificial turf cost.

It is a known fact that artificial turf installation can cost quite a bit. This information convinces many people not to go for artificial turf. But how true is it? Is synthetic turf really costly? Which one is more affordable, natural turf or artificial turf? Let’s look for some answers.

Artificial Turf: How is the Installation Cost Calculated?

The installation cost of artificial turf is calculated based on the area it should cover. That is, you can calculate the total cost for an artificial turf installation according to the property’s total square footage.

The customers have to consider the installation cost for a single square foot and then multiply it by the total square footage to get the total installation cost. However, keeping some extra money while calculating the installation cost is better, as the materials and labor costs can vary.

Artificial Turf: Things That Influence the Cost

Many factors can influence the total cost of artificial turf. Some of them are as follows.

  • Construction quality
  • Grass material
  • Area of turf
  • Type of property, etc.

Although all the factors mentioned above are essential, the most critical factor in deciding the cost of artificial turf is the quality of the grass. Due to the top quality of the material and build, artificial turf can cost much more than usual.

To control the cost, it is advisable to use high-quality material forthe most visible parts of the property. The users can use low-cost artificial turf in the less important or used parts of the property. This can significantly cut down the total cost of artificial turf.

Despite the cost, using the best quality turf for installation is better. Only the best quality turf can guarantee longevity. For the artificial turf to remain intact for a significantly long time, it is better to use quality turf products from reputed businesses like Bella Turf, Canada.

Bella Turf offers premium quality artificial turf at the most affordable rates. There are numerous grass options available at Bella Turf that vary in price. Customers can choose the grass types that fit their requirements and budget.

Artificial Turf: Is it Better Than Natural Grass?

When we compare the initial installation cost of natural grass and artificial turf, the latter does cost more. The installation cost of artificial turf is high because it is much more technical than natural grass.

However, when we compare natural grass and artificial turf in the long run, it is obvious that synthetic turf is much more cost-effective. Artificial turf maintenance costs much less than natural grass in the long run.

The user must spend the following expenses to maintain a turf with natural grass.

  • Mowing
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed killing
  • Water and irrigation
  • Power cost
  • Additional maintenance cost

But none of these is needed to maintain an artificial turf. A synthetic turf only costs the initial installation amount. Afterwards, the maintenance cost is nearly zero. So, artificial turf is much better and more effective when considering longevity and feasibility.

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