Abu Dhabi emerges as the most modern, progressive and liberated City

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Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly a modern, progressive, open-minded, and cosmopolitan city. The city offers a unique combination of warm turquoise beaches, high-end restaurants, shopping malls, and much more. 

More significantly, Abu Dhabi stands as a trailblazer in the Arab world. It is the only city to implement civil laws for foreigners. They have catered to the demands of non-Muslims regarding personal status matters. 

Abu Dhabi has recently enacted a groundbreaking family law. It is named “Abu Dhabi Law”. It applies to Civil Marriage and Its Effects in the Emirates. Visit Abu Dhabi Legal Services here.

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A legal solution to legally marry in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi has offered a legal solution for couples facing challenges in getting married in the Emirates. Abu Dhabi is recognized as one of the safest cities globally, people tend to marry in a safer and secure environment.

This article explains in detail the new development of announcing the new secular and liberal marriage laws in Abu Dhabi. Further, it highlights how the law is helpful for foreigners and expatriates living in the Emirates.

Significance of the Remarkable development by Abu Dhabi Authorities:

This new law is aimed at encouraging civil marriages among foreigners living in Abu Dhabi. It promotes civil marriages among tourists and expatriates in the country regardless of their faith or religion. 

Abu Dhabi’s recent groundbreaking introduction of a new family law is exemplary. It has tried to facilitate the foreigners willing to marry in Abu Dhabi. 

The law is officially titled “Abu Dhabi Law On the Civil Marriage and Its Effects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,”. This is marked as a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and promotion of civil marriages, especially among foreigners. 

This groundbreaking legislation is designed to accommodate tourists and expatriates, irrespective of their faith or religion. It allows them to enter into civil marriages inside the Emirate without any hurdles.

The law is well-crafted to align with the international best practices. Nonetheless, it serves as a comprehensive legal framework that governs family matters for expatriates and foreigners.

It is important to note that it extends the opportunity for tourists to obtain civil marriage certificates within the country. It establishes Abu Dhabi as a liberal business and tourist hub.

It further prioritizes the personal rights of foreigners. Besides, it offers freedom to them to marry according to their wishes and desires inside the country. Such freedom and liberty are not provided in many jurisdictions.

Initiative taken with mutual efforts from all quarters:

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) and the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) have played a pivotal role in launching the law.

For this, they have conducted a remote coordination meeting through video conferencing. The basic aim was to strategize and promote civil marriage services for foreigners in the country.

With the DCT’s support, they have disseminated the information to tourists and foreigners. This provides them with the facility for organizing wedding ceremonies in Abu Dhabi.

The law experts and legal counsels have provided insight into the operational aspects of the new law. They believe that the civil marriage and divorce law in Abu Dhabi is distinct from the traditional Sharia law of the country. 

Key Features of the New Legislation:

The new legislation is deeply grounded in secular principles. One of the key features is that both spouses do not need to be residents of Abu Dhabi or the UAE. If anyone is a resident of UAE, he or she can avail this opportunity to marry. 

This remarkable move encourages tourists to initiate the process online. They can easily submit applications from anywhere around the world. They can simply schedule their wedding ceremonies in Abu Dhabi. 

By looking at the overwhelming response, they have dedicated a court. It was established to handle non-Muslim family matters. They will operate in two different languages: English and Arabic.

The Abu Dhabi government has streamlined the process for couples who wish to marry without the complexities of bureaucracy and religious restrictions.

A Future Path:

This move of Abu Dhabi will further solidify its reputation as the safest, most liberated, and most attractive destination. This will further attract competencies and expertise from around the world. It emphasizes its commitment to diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity.

Those individuals who are interested in understanding the marriage registration procedure under this new legislation can easily do it. The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department website provides detailed and comprehensive online information. 

Navigating to the Civil Court section will guide them through the process of registering their marriage under the pioneer regulations. This marks a historic move towards a more liberal and inclusive legal landscape in Abu Dhabi.

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