0963 What Network? A Guide to Mobile Network Prefixes!

0963 What Network

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You might be wondering about 0963, What the Network is, and why it is important to know about this four-digit code. If you are looking for answers to such questions, congrats, you are at the right place. Here, we will go through to let you know the actual answers about the 0963 network.

But before, it is crucial to have a short intro about it so it can be easy to get started with the detailed article. In short, 0963 is a code for the registered SIM network in the Philippines. This code is used or dialed before any number, and it refers to the network for understanding the SIM identity.

Now, let’s start the detailed content to learn more about the 0963 and its features. Let’s begin this interesting article!

Understanding: 0963 What Network?

0963 is a four-character digital code that belongs to the authorized SIM network of the Philippines, known as Smart Communication or TNT. This code is called Mobile Prefix. The reason for using this code is to indicate the system to understand the representative operating system of a Mobile SIM card. 

As each network has its mobile prefix number, Smart or TNT Telecom company has 0963 to allow users to distinguish between other networks. The advantages of this code Network for users are numerous, such as making free calls, sending free text messages, and saving your budget with the load or top-ups of the network.

Understand: What is Mobile Prefix?

The mobile prefix is a four-digit code that shows the combination of four numbers developed by the SIM Card operating system. Let’s have an example to understand better. 0963291278 is a number, and here, 0963 is the Mobile Prefix.

The use of Mobile Prefix is essential to make a difference among the other networks, and it is also important for the users to identify phone numbers so they can make calls with the same number of networks in order to reduce the load expenditure.

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Globe or Smart: 0963 What Network?

The Smart Communication network or 0963 network is not the Globe. It is a Smart network and is used as a domestic cellular SIM. However, people who want to make this network Globe need to convert the SIM by visiting the franchise or the professionals at the nearest communication spot.

The numbers such as 0969, 0970, and 0963 are Smart, and they can not be Globe. However, other number codes may belong to the Globe, and they both have their uses and benefits for the users. Moreover, in MNP, users can convert to the Globe networks from the TNT or Smart subscribers. 

Advantages of 0963 Network

The following are the benefits of the 0963 Network:

  • Wide Coverage: The 0963 network belongs to Smart Communication or TNT Networks, and they provide a wide range of coverage for users by transmitting quick signals.
  • Budget-Friendly: If you are looking for an affordable or budget-friendly network, 0963 is the go-to solution. This is reasonable in SIM Card services. Also, it provides various free services. 
  • Diverse Services: This network is not just affordable. Along with the least cost, it provides numerous services for the users. It includes services such as High-speed internet, smooth audio calls, and reliable text messaging.
  • Easy to Register: The 0963 Network is now become more convenient than before in terms of registration. Now, you only need to verify the national Identity card, and they will allow you to be a user.


As with others, 0963 is also a mobile prefix that is registered and owned by Smart Communication or TNT Networks in the Philippines. The actual reason for using such prefix numbers is to allow the operating system to understand the company of SIM cards and make users distinguish the Networks. 

Furthermore, this network, 0963, has many advantages for the users, and it is the only network that provides such benefits at a reasonable cost. Other benefits include such as wide-coverage, a convenient process for registration, and much more. However, its Globe version has more than these benefits.

Moreover, in this article, we have described all the answers that might be occurring in your mind. We have provided all the researched information in this content, and if you still have any questions, ask in the comment section below.