YouTube Nonstop Extension – For Chrome

YouTube Nonstop Extension – For Chrome

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To ensure uninterrupted viewing on YouTube, several Chrome extensions like YouTube NonStop automatically handle confirmation messages, preventing pauses during video playback.

Extensions like AutoTube – YouTube NonStop facilitate automatic transition to the next video, enabling features like auto shuffle and loop within YouTube playlists.

The Auto-Pause Blocker extension prevents confirmation messages from disrupting video playback, allowing continuous viewing without interruptions.

By installing Looper For Youtube, you gain the ability to loop videos endlessly, with options to set specific loop ranges or portions within the video.

Try the following extensions:

1. YouTube NonStop

This Chrome extension, YouTube NonStop, ensures uninterrupted video playback on YouTube by automatically clicking the confirmation button that typically prompts “Video paused.” Once installed, the extension automates clicking the confirmation box, preventing interruptions during video playback.

⭐️ Features:

It boasts advanced functionalities:

◘ Automatically clicks confirmation messages to prevent interruptions.

◘ Ensures uninterrupted video playback on YouTube or with YouTube music.

◘ Compatible with both Google Chrome and Firefox.

◘ Once installed in Chrome, it syncs across signed-in devices.

◘ Doesn’t prevent the confirmation box from appearing but swiftly auto-clicks it to prevent video pausing.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Install the YouTube NonStop extension on your computer.

Step 2: Access via Google Chrome to activate the extension.

Step 3: Search for and play a video on YouTube.

When the confirmation box appears during playback, the extension auto-clicks it, ensuring uninterrupted video playback without requiring manual intervention.

2. AutoTube – YouTube NonStop

AutoTube facilitates continuous playback of YouTube videos or songs, circumventing the platform’s tendency to pause videos after a few minutes. By using AutoTube, uninterrupted playback becomes possible.

⭐️ Features:

◘ Auto shuffle and auto loop functionalities available.

◘ Includes an auto-skip feature.

◘ Disabling auto-skip prevents automatic transitioning to the next video.

◘ Enabling auto-skip allows seamless transitions between videos without confirmation.

◘ Compatible with both YouTube and YouTube Music.

◘ Operates solely on desktops and doesn’t support Android or iOS devices.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your desktop.

Step 2: Access AutoTube – YouTube NonStop and install the extension.

Step 3: Once installed, enable the Auto-skip to the next video by toggling the switch.

Step 4: Start playing a video, and upon completion, it seamlessly proceeds to the next without interruptions.

You can also activate the auto-loop and auto-shuffle features, specifically useful when playing a YouTube playlist.

3. YouTube Auto Pause Blocker

Another YouTube Chrome extension available for installation is the YouTube Auto Pause Blocker. This tool effectively prevents pause prompts from interrupting video playback and is a free extension for Chrome users.

⭐️ Features:

◘ Completely prevents any pause prompts from appearing during video playback.

◘ Works seamlessly even when the main tab isn’t visible, ensuring uninterrupted viewing.

◘ Remains unaffected when transitioning between full-screen and mini-player modes.

◘ Offers email support for any troubleshooting needs.

🔴 Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Search for and install YouTube Auto Pause Blocker directly on your PC.

Step 2: Open Google Chrome and navigate to a video.

Step 3: Play a video and observe no confirmation or pause messages disrupting the playback, thanks to the YouTube Auto Pause Blocker actively blocking these interruptions.

4. Looper for YouTube

Looper for YouTube is a customizable Chrome extension designed to facilitate auto-replaying videos on both YouTube and YouTube Music.

This extension allows seamless video looping without interruptions, ensuring continuous playback without pauses. By activating the auto loop feature, you can effortlessly loop videos.

⭐️ Features:

◘ One-time installation in Chrome.

◘ Adds a loop button beneath the video player upon installation.

◘ Allows customization of auto-loop settings for each video, including setting loop portions or ranges.

◘ Operates efficiently with reduced memory usage, employing content scripts without background pages.

◘ Shortcut key ‘P’ can be pressed to initiate the loop.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Install the Looper for YouTube Chrome extension.

Step 2: Open YouTube in Google Chrome.

Step 3: Locate the Loop button under the YouTube video player interface.

Step 4: Click on the Loop button and set the desired number of loops (e.g., 10 times).

Step 5: Upon enabling the loop, the playlist button will be automatically disabled.

This extension does not affect the displayed language, which follows YouTube’s language settings.

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