Visit Dentist Kelowna for Hassle-Free Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Many of us fear tooth extraction. But the best Dentist Kelowna can make wisdom tooth extraction, a hassle-free process for you.

Visit Dentist Kelowna for Hassle-Free Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Many of us fear when we hear the term tooth extraction. However, dentists often suggest the removal of wisdom teeth. Indeed, wisdom tooth extraction is a skill that not all dentists have. However, you can find a dentist in Kelowna who specializes in this surgical procedure.

What Makes Wisdom Tooth Removal Important?

Otherwise called third molars, wisdom teeth grow when a person reaches his/her late teenage or early 20s. Indeed, the removal of wisdom teeth is an uncomfortable process. Nevertheless, its removal becomes important for the reasons stated below:

The Functions of Wisdom Tooth

Some decades ago, our ancestors needed wisdom teeth. They required these teeth for chewing their tough diet. But, now, our diet has evolved a lot. So, we no longer need this tooth. As against a necessity, these teeth are more of a nuisance these days. So, their removal becomes important.

Problems Caused by Wisdom Tooth

Some individuals do not face any issues with wisdom teeth. Nevertheless, for others:

  • The arrival of this tooth can be a painful experience.
  • They might grow partially for some people
  • For others, wisdom teeth might grow in awkward positions.
  • For some individuals, they make their mouth overcrowded

Due to these factors, some people face pain. Also, for some people, this tooth can damage the nearby teeth. The wisdom tooth can cause infections in some people.

In some patients, tumors or cysts develop around the impacted wisdom teeth. In turn, they start facing damage to the nerves or jawbone. When this happens, additional treatments might become important. So, dentists often recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if it causes issues.

The Process of Extracting Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure. It is performed by an oral surgeon or dentist Kelowna to prevent future dental issues and relieve pain. As the name of this process denotes, the professional will get rid of the wisdom tooth.

At the time of this procedure, a good dentist will be particular about the comfort of the patient. He/she will initially numb the surrounding areas of the tooth. Otherwise, you might get a general sedation. After this, the surgeon will make an incision in the gum to get rid of the tooth from its root. After getting rid of the wisdom tooth, the professional will stitch the cut so that it heals.

To ensure the safe extraction of wisdom teeth, you should ensure that you choose a trained dentist.

After-care Post-Extraction

You will naturally wonder how long will it take for you to heal after the wisdom tooth extraction. The recovery typically takes a few days. You might have mild discomfort and swelling initially. However, these things will lessen day after day.

  • To relieve pain, your dentist might recommend a mild pain reliever
  • Also, you will be recommended to eat soft foods for a few days
  • You will be recommended not to floss or brush near the extraction site for a few days.
  • Further, you will be recommended not to smoke or vape for a few days post-extraction.

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