Top Forza Horizon 5 Houses

Top Forza Horizon 5 Houses

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Let’s get straight to the point and discuss the available Forza Horizon 5 Houses. Many of these virtual places come with a high price. But if you grab a Forza Horizon 5 Account from U7BUY, you can start with tons of in-game currencies. Hence, you could invest your future rewards in increasing your garage. 

In this video game, you should get ASAP:

Buena Esperanza

After you manage to complete the “Jungle Expedition” and help build the famous Horizon Wilds outpost, Buena Esperanza will pop on your map. This virtual house appears southwest of Ek’Balam and near the Gran Pantano.

Before you “move in,” it is necessary to have 700,000 CR, which is the price of the place. In other words, you might need to test your luck with the Wheelspins or complete different activities.

When you gather the right amount of CR, you’ll get one special Chicken Suit, the Porsche #185, and a Super Wheelspin.

Casa Bella

In your Forza Horizon 5 journey, you’ll soon get to complete the tutorial and gather 7k Accolade Points. Simultaneously, you will see the Casa Bella appear on your map. Hence, almost all those players who manage to play for more than two hours get this option to their accounts.

As you’re riding on the world map, you’ll get a “call” from Ramiro, who tells you to meet them at this special place. Afterward, when you reach the spot, you’ll get Casa Bella for free.

When you “complete” the purchase, you open the “Skill Songs” perk, helping you achieve better combo points with your gimmicks.

La Casa Solariega

As you move through this original version of “Mexico” and complete unique tasks, you’ll start to gather tons of Accolade Points. When you manage to grab 17k points, La Casa Solariega will unlock your account. This virtual building appears near Cordillera and Teotihuacán.

La Casa Solariega costs 1.5M CR. In other words, you’ll need to “farm” tons of activities. Instead, you could unlock the place right away when you grab the Green Crown and become a VIP.  Lastly, you could grab useful bonuses in the FH5 Store and increase your fun while playing this racing game.

When you purchase the virtual building for your account, you’ll get a “Double Forzathon Points” perk and five Super Wheelspins.

Lugar Tranquilo

As you move through the “story” of Forza Horizon 5, you’ll complete the “Tulum Expedition” and help build the Horizon Apex outpost. Afterward, you’ll unlock Lugar Tranquilo in your account. The place appears between Playa Azul and Los Jardines.

Again, you have two ways to acquire the virtual building. First, you could save the in-game currency until you get 700,000 CR. Secondly, you can use your hard-earned money and purchase the Welcome Pack.

With Lugar Tranquilo, you also get the “Take a Picture!” perk and a Super Wheelspin.

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