Top 5 Amazing Sci-Fi Movies About Scientific Experiments

Top 5 Amazing Sci-Fi Movies About Scientific Experiments

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Science drives our world. However, the results of experiments by scientists can be very different from expected ones. If in real life scientific research is hidden from the general public, then in the movies you can see a lot of interesting things, even if fictional. Here is a list of incredible sci-movies about terrifying scientific experiments. They will keep you at the edge of your seat more than games to play online blackjack with live dealer! Grab your popcorn and get ready for a stunning cinematic experience! 

“The Fly” (1986) 

This movie is definitely worth including in our list, because in its time it gathered in cinemas huge numbers of people. Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) is engaged in the development and testing of teleportation devices that can move objects. Experiments with things are successful, and the scientist moves on to living beings. They also manage to teleport, and Seth, who decided to celebrate his success and drinks a fair amount of alcohol, independently enters the chamber and starts the process. But he neglected to check and didn’t notice that there was a fly inside with him. In the end, the experiment turned out not to be teleportation. In the end, the experiment did not result in teleportation, but in the transformation of two beings.

“Flatliners” (1990)

Five medical students are obsessed with thoughts about what can happen to a person after his death. Young people are ready to take a desperate step: briefly stop the heart to achieve clinical death. Then, they will conduct resuscitation. One by one, the students learn the secrets of the afterlife. At first, it inspires them. They feel the power and realize they are now different. However, the protagonists of the movie were completely unprepared for the consequences.

“Hollow Man” (2000) 

Dr. Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) is a very successful molecular scientist. He is obsessed with revealing the secret of invisibility. He manages to develop a formula that makes animals completely invisible. However, it is necessary to return the test subjects to their normal appearance, otherwise the experience will not be considered fully completed. Sebastian still finds an antidote that gives visibility. The heady success pushes him to a rash step: he injects the invisibility serum into himself. But later it turns out that the antidote doesn’t work on humans, and now Kane’s colleagues have to figure out how to make the man the same.

“Splice” (2009)

Many people have probably seen this movie. It tells about the incredible experiments of scientists who studied making proteins and crossing DNA. Two genetic engineers Elsa (Sarah Polley) and Clive (Adrien Brody) conduct a study on combining the animal and human cells. The result is a strange creature on a bird’s feet with a huge tail and a human body. It looks, at first glance, harmless, but, as it turned out, endowed with a lot of skills. The human–animal hybrid or Dren, as the scientists call it, can fly, bite, long to be underwater, and breathe in it, as well as change its sex. Finally, the irresponsible young scientists who dared such a desperate experiment realized the gravity of the situation. But it’s too late to fix it.

“The Lazarus Effect” (2015) 

The main characters of this movie – young scientists who set themselves, it would seem, an impossible task – the resurrection of the dead. They create a substance and call it “Lazarus serum”. They try it on a dead dog and it comes back to life. A little later, one of the participants of the experience, Zoe (Olivia Wilde), tragically dies, and their colleagues, of course, decide to resurrect her. The girl comes back to life. But, having returned to life, she behaves strangely and shows her dissatisfaction. Soon it is discovered that now Zoe has some superpowers, which the girl begins to use not at all for good purposes.

Looking for more films about scientific experiments? Then watch “Morgan” (2016)! These were the most incredible movies about experiments that will impress fans of science fiction and science.

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