The Science Behind Evil Energy Catch Cans: How They Protect Your Engine

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Have you ever wondered how those fancy evil energy catch cans you see in high-performance engines actually work? As an everyday driver, you may think they’re just another flashy accessory for gearheads and not really necessary for your daily commute. But the truth is, evil energy catch cans serve an important purpose for any internal combustion engine by protecting it from buildup that can reduce performance and longevity. Even if you’re not planning to enter the drag strip anytime soon, an evil energy catch can help ensure your trusty sedan or SUV runs well for years to come. In this article, we’ll explore the basic science behind how evil energy catch cans operate and why they’re not just for show cars. By the end, you’ll have a new appreciation for these unassuming engine accessories and may even consider installing one on your own ride.

What Is an Evil Energy Catch Can and How Does It Work?

An evil energy catch can is a device that captures oil vapors and prevents them from being sucked back into your engine’s intake system. Basically, it acts as a filter between your valve cover and intake to catch gunk.

As your engine runs, oil particles and fuel vapors escape from the crankcase and valve covers. Normally, these fumes get sucked back into the engine, coating intake valves and pistons with sludge. An evil energy catch can intercepts these vapors before they re-enter the engine.

The catch can has a few chambers that separate the oil and fuel particles from the air. Clean air is vented out, while the contaminants collect in the bottom of the can. You simply empty and clean the can periodically to remove the built-up grime.

Installing an evil energy catch can is an easy DIY project for most vehicles. You connect it between the valve cover vent or crankcase vent hose and the intake tube. This allows it to filter vapors before they hit the intake.

By preventing oil blow-by from re-entering your engine, an evil energy catch can reduces buildup and keeps your intake system clean. The end result is improved performance, fuel efficiency, and engine health. If you want your engine to run stronger and last longer, an evil energy catch can is a mod worth considering.

The Benefits of Installing an Evil Energy Catch Can

Installing an evil energy catch can is one of the best things you can do to protect your engine. Here are a few of the major benefits:

Reduced Carbon Buildup

The catch can captures oil vapor and condensation that would otherwise make its way into your intake. This prevents carbon buildup on valves, pistons, and other critical components. Over time, carbon buildup reduces performance and efficiency. A catch can helps avoid all that.

Improved Octane Rating

By preventing oil vapor from entering the combustion chamber, the catch can helps your engine make the most of the octane rating. The higher the octane, the more efficiently your engine can burn fuel. An evil energy catch can maximizes power and performance.

Longer Component Lifespan

Keeping oil out of the intake and combustion chamber also helps critical components like valves, pistons, and injectors last longer. Oil residue and carbon buildup wear these parts down over time. An evil energy catch can reduces wear and tear, so you can go longer between replacements.

Cleaner Emissions

Finally, catch cans improve emissions by preventing oil vapor from exiting through the exhaust. Cleaner emissions mean a healthier environment and often lower inspection costs. For many vehicle owners, that’s reason enough to install an evil energy catch can.

With benefits like improved performance, reduced maintenance, longer part life, and cleaner emissions, an evil energy catch can is a must-have upgrade for any performance vehicle. Your engine will thank you!

What is evil energy fuel line?

Evil Energy is a brand that specializes in automotive aftermarket parts and accessories, including fuel lines and related components. They offer a variety of products designed to enhance the performance, durability, and functionality of vehicles.

An Evil Energy fuel line typically refers to a specific type of high-performance fuel line or related components produced by the Evil Energy brand. These fuel lines are often made from materials like braided stainless steel or other high-quality materials, which can offer advantages such as increased resistance to corrosion, higher pressure tolerance, and improved durability compared to standard rubber or plastic fuel lines.

Using high-quality fuel lines can be important for applications where there are higher demands on the fuel system, such as in high-performance or modified vehicles. They can help ensure that fuel is delivered reliably and consistently to the engine, which is crucial for optimal performance.

It’s worth noting that if you’re considering upgrading or replacing your vehicle’s fuel lines, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right type and size of line for your specific make and model, and that it complies with any applicable safety and regulatory standards. Always consult with a qualified automotive professional or refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations when making modifications to your vehicle’s fuel system.

Top 5 Evil Energy Catch Can Installation Tips

Installing an evil energy catch can on your vehicle is pretty straightforward, but following some key tips will ensure it’s done properly.

Use the right size.

Choose a catch can size that matches how much blow-by your engine produces. For most stock or mildly modified engines, a catch can kit with a capacity of 4 to 8 ounces should work well. For highly modified engines, you may need a larger 12 to 16 ounce can. Get one that’s too small and you’ll have to empty it constantly. Too big and the excess air volume can hinder performance.

Find a good mounting location.

Look for a spot in your engine bay that keeps the can upright, is away from intense heat sources, and allows for easy access to empty and refill it. Many kits provide adjustable brackets to mount to your valve cover, firewall or shock tower.

Use high-quality hoses and fittings.

The hoses and fittings that come with your catch can kit should be made of materials that can withstand high heat, oil and fuel exposure. Rubber or braided steel hoses and anodized aluminum fittings are good options. Double check that all connections are tight to avoid leaks or blow-offs.

Connect the hoses properly.

Connect one hose from your valve cover or crankcase breather to the inlet port on the catch can. Run another hose from the outlet port back to your intake pipe or air filter box. This allows blow-by gasses to flow into the can, condense, then exit into your air intake path. Arrow marks on the can show the proper direction of flow.

Empty the can regularly.

Check your catch can every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and empty it when it’s 3/4 full. Not doing so will allow oil and contaminants to build up, clog your hoses and enter your engine. Dispose of the contents properly according to your local regulations. Regular maintenance will keep your catch can working efficiently for the life of your vehicle.


So there you have it, the science behind how evil energy catch cans work and why they’re worth investing in if you want to keep your engine running strong for the long haul. While the concept may seem complex, the bottom line is that these ingenious devices help filter out moisture, oil, fuel and other contaminants from your engine’s crankcase ventilation system before they can do damage. By preventing buildup and keeping your engine’s internals clean, an evil energy catch can is an easy way to maximize performance, improve efficiency and extend the lifespan of your vehicle. For any gearhead looking to get the most out of their engine, an evil energy catch can is really a no-brainer.

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