The Impact of IEEE’s 802.11bb Standard on Li-Fi Networks

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If you have never explored the arena of IEEE, it is a huge-sized group that makes exact rules for technology. One of their significant rules that you must know is called the 802.11bb standard. Such a rule is immensely critical for Li-Fi that is a neat manner in which you can send data. In this, there is the usage of light rather than any sort of wires or radio waves. The following points might help you to help with understand how the rule influences Li-Fi networks.

Instant idea of IEEE’s 802.11bb Standard 

Well, 802 Standard is a set of rules made by a group known as IEEE. They made these rules for something known as Visible Light Communication (VLC). VLC simply means the usage of light to send data, kind of like how Wi-Fi commutes data without wires. Now, have a quick peep into how this standard affects Li-Fi networks:

  • Greater Security 

Keeping data safe is immensely important. With this type of standard, Li-Fi networks become much safer. This means it is hard for people to spy on your information or even break into your internet connection when you are simply making use of Li-Fi. Of course, you can find a greater degree of security at every level.

  • Enhanced Performance 

One of the prime benefits of this standard is that it boosts Li-Fi performance. It aids Li-Fi devices in transmitting and receiving data more effectively. it results in faster internet and even more dependable connections for Li-Fi users. Of course, you can experience a better level of performance for sure.

  • Better Compatibility 

Another positive and good aspect of this type of standard is that it helps various Li-Fi devices cooperate smoothly. This means you can easily use Li-Fi with varied types of gadgets, and they can still communicate well with each other. Such compatibility ensures a better level of productivity.

  • Experience Longer Range 

802 standard helps Li-Fi signals travel longer distances. This simply denotes that you can use Li-Fi in large areas that too in the absence of losing connection. It is pretty similar to having Wi-Fi that reaches everywhere in your home, but making use of light rather than radio waves.

  • Dropped level of Interference 

Sometimes, there are signals from different devices that can get mixed up and cause issues. However, with 802 standard, Li-Fi signals are less likely to get mixed up with signals from other devices. Such a thing denotes that you get a clearer and more stable connection with that of Li-Fi.

Applications in Different Industries 

Well, in hospitals, this standard helps Li-Fi share significant information faster and safer, resulting in better patient care and fewer mistakes. In schools, it promises uninterrupted connections for smooth lessons and even pleasant learning experiences. For travellers on buses, trains, and even planes, Li-Fi with this standard ensures reliable internet access for both entertainment and work without delays. In retail, Li-Fi guides shoppers making use of their phone’s camera to find items conveniently, making shopping more convenient and customers happier. In general, 802 standard improves diverse aspects of regular life with Li-Fi technology.


So, this standard greatly improves Li-Fi networks, making them quicker, more secure, and more dependable. You can even explore types of wireless networks and more once you dig deeper!

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