Who Am I Following On Facebook – How To See Following

Who Am I Following On Facebook – How To See Following

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Your Quick Answer:

To view the accounts you’re following on Facebook via mobile, use the mobile Chrome browser and log in to your account on Facebook.com.

Enable the desktop site option to access the same interface as on a PC. Navigate to ‘Friends’ and then select ‘More.’

Choose ‘Following’ to access the list of individuals you follow on Facebook.

To control who can follow you, adjust the privacy settings from ‘Public’ to ‘Friends’ in the Privacy section.

You can also unfollow accounts of friends you’ve added on Facebook to reduce the number of users in your ‘Followers’ section.

To see the people you follow on Facebook, enter your profile ID.

How To See Who I Follow On Facebook:

If you’re willing to know whom you’re following on Facebook, here are the steps you need to perform.

1. Using Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers insight into someone’s Facebook activity, helping identify ghost followers.


Step 1: Search or visit Hootsuite’s website. Step 2: Create an account, select a suitable plan, and find the person’s profile. Step 3: Access the Analytics section in your Hootsuite account to review past activities, including followers and engagement.

2. Using AgoraPulse Facebook Reporting Tool

Agorapulse simplifies managing social media messages, comments, and reviews.


Step 1: Visit the Agorapulse website or use the app. Step 2: Create an account, add your Facebook page, and access reporting details, including followers and post engagement.

3. Following Section of Facebook

Using PC:

Access the list of people you’re following on Facebook through your profile’s following tab, viewable both on PC and Android.

PC Steps:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or any browser. Step 2: Log into www.facebook.com. Step 3: Click “Friends” on the homepage, then select “More” and choose “Following” to see the list.

Using Android:

Viewing your Facebook following list on Android requires the desktop site mode in a browser.

Android Steps:

Step 1: Open a browser and enable desktop site mode. Step 2: Log into www.facebook.com. Step 3: Click “Friends,” then “More” and select “Following” to view the list of people you’re following on Facebook.

How To See The Following Pages On Facebook:

To view the following pages on Facebook, navigate to the ‘About’ section of your profile.

? Steps to View:

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app, sign in to your account, and visit your Profile page.

Step 2: Scroll down to access the ‘About’ section. Towards the bottom, you’ll find the ‘Likes’ section.

Step 3: Within ‘Likes,’ you’ll find the Facebook pages you’ve liked. By exploring others’ profiles (if not restricted), you can also see the pages they’ve liked.

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