How To View WhatsApp Status In Airplane Mode

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✎ Key Points:

To discreetly view WhatsApp statuses without appearing online, ensure your read receipts are disabled. This way, when you peek at someone’s status, your name won’t appear in their viewers list. By employing this tactic, you can stay offline while browsing statuses without actually opening them. You can even catch a glimpse just before it expires to avoid detection. Just make sure to remain offline until the status expires completely to prevent your name from being updated on the server.

How To View WhatsApp Status In Airplane Mode:

There are some following methods that you can try:

1. Using Status Downloader App

Utilize a status-saving application to download statuses offline, enabling you to view them without accessing the original WhatsApp app. This method allows you to anonymously observe someone’s WhatsApp status without alerting them to your presence.

There are numerous status-saver apps available, with Status Downloader being among the top choices.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the Status Downloader app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app and grant the necessary permissions.

Step 3: Navigate to the Images section to view picture statuses and the Videos section for video statuses.

Step 4: Select a status and click on the downward arrow icon to download it.

Step 5: By viewing statuses through this app, your name won’t be recorded in the viewer’s list on WhatsApp, and your online status won’t be visible.

2. Using Airplane Mode

A convenient approach to view the WhatsApp status of any user discreetly involves activating airplane mode. It’s crucial to disable both mobile data and Wi-Fi connections before accessing WhatsApp to prevent being shown as online.

Before launching the WhatsApp application, toggle off the data connection or disconnect from Wi-Fi, then activate airplane mode. Subsequently, access WhatsApp and navigate to the Status section to view any user’s status. Afterward, close the application. Since you’re in airplane mode, the WhatsApp server won’t update your online status.

This method effectively conceals your online activity on WhatsApp, especially if you’ve also disabled the “last seen” feature to prevent others from detecting your activity.

3. See Status without Clicking on it

When you watch someone’s status on WhatsApp, your name is typically logged in the viewers’ list. However, if you avoid clicking the status and instead attempt to view it from the preview circle in the status section, your name won’t be recorded in the viewer’s list.

This method also necessitates keeping your Wi-Fi or data connection turned off before opening the WhatsApp application to prevent appearing online.

While you’re offline, attempt to view the status from outside the preview circles in the status section. You may not see the status entirely, but you’ll gain a clear idea of its content. By doing so, you can prevent your name from being listed in the viewers’ list.

4. View it Just before It’s About to Expire

To discreetly view someone’s WhatsApp status without appearing online, time your viewing for the last minute before it expires. WhatsApp statuses typically last for 24 hours from the time of upload, so you’ll need to pinpoint the exact hour and minute of its upload and wait until the final minute before it expires.

During this last minute, swiftly open the WhatsApp application and view the user’s status while ensuring your device’s data or Wi-Fi connection is turned off.

Then, promptly close the WhatsApp application and refrain from reactivating the data connection or Wi-Fi until the status expires.

You can safely open WhatsApp again after the status has expired, ensuring that your name isn’t uploaded to the viewer’s list of the previous status.

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