How To Fix Please Enter A Valid Phone Number On Facebook

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✎ Key Takes:

» Encountering the “Please enter a valid phone number” problem is common during Facebook sign-up.
» Attempt using a valid 10-digit phone number inclusive of the accurate country code to resolve this issue.

How To Fix Please Enter A Valid Phone Number On Facebook:

There are some steps that you need to follow to fix the issue:

1. Enter the Valid Phone Number

Entering a valid phone number on Facebook is essential—it should be currently active and accessible to manage OTPs and related processes.

To ensure security, it’s important to use a phone number you have access to. Rest assured, Facebook doesn’t misuse or disclose your phone number.

🔴 Steps to protect your phone number from other users:

Step 1: Open your Facebook account and navigate to the ‘Profile Page.’

Step 2: In the ‘About’ section, click on “See more about yourself.”

Step 3: Under “Contact info,” click the lock icon next to the phone number and select “Only Me.”

2. Clear the Facebook Cache

Even if you’ve input a valid 10-digit phone number and still encounter the “Please enter a valid phone number” message, it might be due to app bugs or accumulated junk files.

To resolve this issue:

1: Access your phone’s “Settings.”

2: Navigate to “App Management” among the options.

3: Use the search bar to find and select “Facebook.”

4: Choose “Clear data,” then proceed to “Clear cache” and confirm with “OK.”

This process eliminates accumulated junk files within the Facebook app.

Afterward, revisit the app and try again.

Why Does It Show Please Enter Valid Information To Proceed:

There are many reasons why you might see this error on Facebook, let’s dive into those:

1. Enter the Correct Country Code

Each country possesses a unique country code, typically a two-to-three-digit number, essential for making calls and identifying individuals worldwide.

Similarly, on Facebook, it’s crucial to include the accurate country code before your phone number. Failure to do so can lead to verification issues and complications in activities involving phone numbers.

Verify and input the correct country code to ensure smooth functioning. Often, omitting the country code due to haste results in the error message, “Please enter a valid phone number.”

Hence, always ensure the correct country code is included when entering your phone number on Facebook.

2. Enter 10-digit phone numbers

If you encounter the message “Please enter a valid phone number” after inputting your number, it typically indicates that you haven’t entered the required 10 digits.

Review your input for any missing digits, as this might be the issue. Ensure that all 10 digits are accurately typed in your phone number field.

3. Entering the Phone number

Adding your phone number on Facebook is a requirement to proceed with using the platform. However, concerns about safety and fraud may arise for many users.

Rest assured, Facebook’s purpose behind collecting phone numbers is solely for comprehensive user information. It prioritizes user privacy and doesn’t share information without consent.

If you prefer not to display your phone number on your profile, Facebook provides an option to hide it.

To hide your number:

Step 1: Access your Facebook account and navigate to the ‘Profile Page.’

Step 2: Click on “See more about yourself” within the ‘About’ section.

Step 3: Under “Contact info,” select the ‘lock icon’ next to your phone number and set it to “Only Me.”

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