How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Messenger

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Messenger

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Your Quick Answer:

To determine if someone blocked you on Messenger, follow these indications: Firstly, check if their chat is accessible; if it’s available, try sending a message. If your messages aren’t going through, it’s likely you’ve been blocked.

If you’re unable to view their profile picture, access their profile, or initiate a call on Messenger, there’s a strong chance you’ve been blocked.

Once someone blocks you on Messenger, further messaging or contact from your end becomes impossible.

Additionally, while you can’t send messages to a blocked contact, they may still view your Facebook posts unless you’ve also blocked them on Facebook.

Blocked contacts’ active status remains hidden, and blocking someone doesn’t erase past conversations between the two parties.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Messenger:

You have to check with these things below:

1. Open Chat & Check if You Can Contact

If you suspect someone has blocked you on Messenger, try initiating a chat. Inability to send messages or view their recent activity could suggest a block. A missing online status could also indicate being blocked. Keep in mind, other reasons like account deactivation or device blocking might restrict communication.

2. If Unavailable on Messenger

Extended absence on Facebook Messenger might signal a block, yet it’s not definitive. It could imply account deactivation or inactive chat. Send a message; if undelivered without a read receipt, it might indicate a block.

3. Check If the Profile is Not Opening

Difficulty accessing their profile or details could suggest a block. However, it might also be due to account deactivation or privacy settings. Search for them in group chats; absence could indicate a block. Verify across multiple accounts for a more conclusive result.

4. Try Calling the Person on Messenger

Attempt a call; connection success could negate a block. Failure to connect or an “unavailable” message might indicate a block. Consider other reasons for call failure, like device off or network issues.

5. If Profile Picture is Not Visible

Inability to view their profile picture could hint at a block. Confirm by checking their profile from different accounts. Absence on one but visibility on others might suggest a block, corroborating other indicators.

These signs might also align with account deactivation or privacy settings changes. Cross-checking from various accounts can provide a more accurate assessment.

When You Block Someone On Messenger, What Do They See:

They will see these things explained below:

1. They Are Unable to Message

When you block someone on Messenger, they lose the ability to message you. Even if they can view your profile, following guidelines, they cannot send you messages.

2. You can’t Send a Message to the Person

Blocking someone on Messenger restricts your ability to message or start conversations with them. Their view of your online status, recent activity, and past conversations gets obscured, making it seem as if your account doesn’t exist.

3. Still Can See Your Posts

Blocking someone on Messenger alone, not on Facebook, allows them to still view your posts. Although unable to message you, they retain the ability to react to your posts.