Is Liquid Lawn Fertiliser Animal-Safe?

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You treat your pets like a family member. Needless to say, they are your best friends.

You wish to care for your pets. You exercise them by playing or walking. You embrace and scratch behind their ears. However, you should also provide a location for them to enjoy the sun. This dog may love your grass more than you. He sniffs it and rolls on it. 

That may make you wonder what occurs when your lawn care specialist arrives for your usual fertiliser. Is it a pet-safe lawn fertiliser?

Is liquid lawn fertilisation worth it?

Spraying liquid lawn fertiliser on grass improves its health and attractiveness. We specify “liquid” since there are many fertilising methods, but liquid lawn fertilisation is sometimes preferable, and we want to make sure it’s safe for your lawn and, most importantly, your pets. Since the big-box stores sell granular fertilisers, lawn care beginners may not know about liquid fertilisers. 

Fertiliser safety tips for pets

Are lawn fertilisers pet-safe? We’ll discuss the essentials so you know what to do after putting them to your grass.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is essential for both you and your pets

Relaxing in the sun and yard gives you and your pets exercise and Vitamin D. An unhealthy lawn can ruin that. Failure to fertilise your grass regularly can harm it. Without a liquid lawn fertiliser, your grass may have uneven heights, textures, and bare areas, and you may face tripping hazards. 

Are lawn fertilisers safe?

These products are safe when used appropriately and according to label guidelines by a skilled professional. Before commencing your lawn care program, a professional lawn care technician runs a soil test to ensure your grass gets the nutrients it needs, improving pet fertiliser safety. Then, skilled specialists administer products precisely, making them safer for pets.

How long after fertilisation is it safe for pets?

Following lawn care services, there’s a general rule to follow: don’t let pets back on the grass until the liquid fertiliser treatments have completely dried. Your lawn care service provider may advise you to wait a few hours to ensure the liquid fertiliser dries completely. However, the product will often dry in 30 minutes on a hot day.

Pet-friendly lawn care advice

When you’re expecting a lawn care provider, be sure to heed these extra suggestions to ensure the safety of your dog or cat in their outdoor space when it comes to fertiliser safety measures for pets:

  • Before receiving treatment, gather up any outdoor dog toys. The person providing your lawn care service will also look for any that you may have overlooked. 
  • Until the product dries, keep pets inside during any lawn care procedures. 
  • Before receiving lawn care services, avoid leaving dog or cat food bowls outside.
  • After your pet comes inside from the outdoors, you might want to wipe their paws simply to be extra cautious and to prevent muddy or wet paw marks on your property.  

Set up a green lawn for you and your furry friend

You adore your lawn and your pets, but you detest unsightly grass. We promise that you can have both of the things you love at the same time!

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