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Injured in Stratford You should seek legal representation

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Any accident is unfortunate, but if the mishap was preventable and resulted from someone’s reckless act, you have reasons to be agitated. Whether you were hurt in a car crash in Stratford or sustained injuries in a slip-and-fall accident, you should evaluate whether you can recover compensation from the party liable for the circumstances. You cannot do without an attorney. Find out more about why an injury lawyer is your best resource.

Insurance companies lack empathy

All companies in the insurance industry work for premiums. Settlements dent profits and remain a concern. If you decide to file a third-party claim, you should know that the claims adjuster is not working for you and doesn’t care. They will do what it takes to downplay the settlement amount, and more importantly, they will try to investigate and find facts that would go against your claim. You cannot negotiate unless you are entirely sure of the amount that you are entitled to for the losses.

It doesn’t cost anything right now

If you are in a dire financial situation and have no money to get an attorney, fret not. Most attorneys in Connecticut work on contingency, and you will only pay the injury lawyer when you win or settle the case. Their fee is a share of your compensation, and if you get more, they will also make more money. With the upfront fee not being a concern, hiring a legal team is easier.

The laws are confusing

When two parties share the blame for a mishap in Connecticut, the comparative fault rule is used to determine compensation. If you are more than 50% liable for the accident, you are barred from seeking a settlement from the other party. Also, there will be adjustments to the amount awarded to you. There is also a statute of limitations, which sets a time limit of two years for most personal injury lawsuits. An attorney can help understand the legal jargon and avoid the usual mistakes.

You can go to court when necessary

When it comes to filing a lawsuit, the legal process can be complicated to deal with. Once you have an injury lawyer, they will ensure the paperwork is done right, all evidence and relevant details are in order, and the case is argued efficiently before the jury. There is little you need to do except for listening to the attorney.

Call a local injury lawyer in your city and discuss every aspect. Ensure you are honest with every aspect.

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