Can Someone See That I Viewed Instagram Video If Not Friends?

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✎ Key Takes:

  • You can become visible when watching Instagram videos within a user’s Story, where your name will be listed among the viewers.
  • Utilize the Professional account setting to manage visibility in Likes and Comments, allowing your interactions to be attributed solely to your account, thus keeping your identity concealed.

If I View A Video On Instagram Will The Person Know:


If you watch a video on Instagram, the person who posted it will not be notified.

View Count Visibility:

Those who have access to the post can observe the total count of video views. However, for posts containing multiple photos and videos, the exact number of views per video cannot be discerned.

Can Someone See That I Viewed Instagram Video If We Are Not Friends?

Before viewing someone’s video on Instagram, it’s important to know where the person posted it. There are two main ways to share a video publicly on Instagram: the person can either share it through their story or post it as a regular post on their profile.

1. For Story Videos

If you’re referring to an Instagram story video, viewing someone’s video will trigger a notification for them. However, Instagram’s algorithm dictates that stories disappear after 24 hours. Within this time frame, people can view the video as many times as they like. If the person shared the story with their Close Friends list, only those selected friends can view it.

2. For Posted Videos

When it comes to posted videos on Instagram, you won’t see the names of viewers, but you can view the total number of views. Instagram prioritizes user privacy, so individual viewer data isn’t disclosed. If the person’s account is private, only a limited number of people can view their post. By checking who has liked the post, you can infer who has viewed it, as those who liked it likely also viewed it.

How Would Someone Know If You Viewed His Video On Instagram:

There are several ways to determine who viewed your posts on Instagram. Those who like, comment, or share your post will have their names visible,

1. If you Liked His Video

To see who viewed your post on Instagram, log in to your account and navigate to your Profile. Scroll down to view the posts you’ve shared. Open the post you’re interested in, and at the bottom left, you’ll see the number of likes and some of the users’ names. Click on the number of likes to access a new window displaying the list of people who viewed and liked your post.

2. If you Commented on His Video

You can also find out who has viewed your profile by observing the number of comments. To check who commented on your video, navigate to your profile and select the video you’re interested in.

Underneath the post, you’ll notice three options: Comments and Shares. Click on the Comments icon, and Instagram will take you to a new window where you can view all the comments from your users.

3. If you Shared His Video

Sharing his video will also contribute to the count, and you can observe the number of shares just beneath the Share button. However, if you’re using a regular account, you won’t have access to the share count; you’ll need to switch to a professional account for that.

Additionally, you can adjust the Like and Comments settings from the Settings menu. Navigate to your Instagram account’s Settings, then tap on Privacy. From there, you can opt to hide likes and view counts on your posts and modify the commenting permissions.

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