TikTok Shadowban Checker And Remover Tools

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✎ Key Points:

» To determine if TikTok has shadowbanned your account, search for your videos and check if they appear in the search results. If your content doesn’t show up, your account might be shadowbanned.
» A sudden decline in video views or a halt in new follower growth could signal a shadowban on your account.
» Under a shadowban, your videos won’t be visible on TikTok feeds for others to discover.
» To resolve a shadowban on your account, remove any inappropriate content and steer clear of spam-like behavior in your posts.

TikTok Shadow Ban Checker And Remover:

You can try the following tools:

1. Using Hootsuite

You can utilize Hootsuite as a TikTok shadowban checker to detect potential shadowbans on your TikTok account. Since TikTok doesn’t notify you directly about shadowbans, third-party tools like Hootsuite come in handy.

Hootsuite facilitates the connection of your TikTok account, providing insights into post engagement and statistics. This helps you gauge whether your TikTok account has been shadowbanned or not.

🔗 Link: https://blog.hootsuite.com/tiktok-analytics/

🔴 Steps:

  • Open the Hootsuite tool using the provided link.
  • Click on “Sign Up.”
  • Choose a plan from the available options.
  • Opt for the “Free 30-Day Trial.”
  • Enter your name, email, and password.
  • Click on “Create My Account.”
  • Access the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Navigate to “Manage accounts and teams.”
  • Click on “+ Private account.”
  • Select “Manage.”
  • Add a social network and choose “TikTok Business.”
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Enter your TikTok login details and click “Login.”
  • Check your account’s Analytics section to review post engagement rates.

2. Removing Inappropriate Content

If you aim to lift the shadowban from your account, it’s crucial to remove any inappropriate content you’ve posted. Content that’s offensive or violates TikTok’s guidelines can prompt reports, potentially resulting in a shadowban.

To lift the shadowban, visit your TikTok profile and review videos that breach TikTok’s guidelines. Swiftly delete these videos from your account. Inappropriate content refers to anything promoting harassment, violence, or nudity, which distinctly contradicts TikTok’s community standards. Deleting such content is necessary to adhere to TikTok’s guidelines and mitigate the shadowban.

3. Taking a Gap before Posting Again

While experiencing a shadowban on TikTok, consider using this time to take a break from actively posting and focus on preparing new videos and captions. While under a shadowban, your videos may receive limited likes, views, comments, or shares until it’s lifted.

Pause posting content on your TikTok account temporarily and resume uploading once the shadowban is removed. If your content triggered the shadowban, consider altering its style and ensure upcoming content aligns with TikTok’s guidelines.

During this phase, create more suitable videos for future use on your account. However, refrain from posting them until the shadowban is lifted, as they might not reach viewers during this period.

4. Using Iconosquare

Iconosquare serves as another tool to determine if your TikTok account is shadowbanned. It provides a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore its functionality. To begin, create an Iconsquare profile to access TikTok post engagement rates.

🔗 Link: https://www.iconosquare.com/how-it-works

🔴 Steps:

  • Access the tool via the provided link.
  • Click on “Start 14-day Free Trial.”
  • Enter your email and create a password to set up your free Iconosquare account.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on “Create your account.”
  • Click on the blue + icon.
  • Select “TikTok profiles.”
  • Enter your login details to connect your TikTok account.
  • Visit the Analytics section to review post-engagement rates and ascertain if your account is shadowbanned.

5. Hypeauditor Tool

The HypeAuditor tool stands as another reliable third-party option to determine if your TikTok account is shadowbanned or not.

🔗 Link: https://hypeauditor.com/reports/tiktok/

🔴 Steps:

  • Access the HypeAuditor tool using the provided link.
  • Click on “Start free.”
  • Select “I am Creator.”
  • Enter your email address to create your HypeAuditor account.
  • Once your account is set up, log in to the HypeAuditor dashboard.
  • Connect your TikTok profile by entering your TikTok login credentials.
  • Navigate to “Reports” to review post-engagement rates and assess if your account is shadowbanned.

6. Social Blade

There’s another tool, Social Blade, worth considering for shadowban checks. It’s a third-party online platform enabling access to others’ posts, engagement rates, and account statistics. Notably, this tool is free and doesn’t mandate creating an account.

🔗 Link: https://socialblade.com/tiktok/

🔴 Steps:

  • Access the tool through the provided link.
  • Enter your TikTok username in the search box at the top right corner.
  • Click on the search icon.
  • Review the displayed post-engagement rates to determine if your account is shadowbanned or not.

How To Check If TikTok Account Is Shadowbanned:

You must look for these indications below to find this out:

1. Look At Search Results

If you’re checking for a shadowban on your account, understand that shadowbanned accounts don’t surface in search results on TikTok. Your videos won’t be visible to other users on the For You page when shadowbanned.

A sudden drop in video engagement or fewer views compared to usual could indicate a shadowban. TikTok doesn’t directly notify users about shadowbans.

When shadowbanned, your account’s growth is hindered, and your content’s engagement decreases. As a result, during a shadowban, your content won’t appear in TikTok searches.

2. New Followers Gain

If you’re consistently posting on TikTok but not seeing an increase in followers, it could signal a shadowban on your account. Shadowbans are typically applied when TikTok’s guidelines are repeatedly violated.

During a shadowban, your profile won’t be suggested to potential followers, hindering any new follower growth. TikTok imposes these bans, resulting in no new followers being gained.

Many users might not immediately notice a shadowban, but a decrease in views or a lack of new followers often raises suspicion about potential reasons.

Offensive content that has been reported by viewers on TikTok could trigger a shadowban on your account.

3. You’ll not receive likes from others

Another effective way to detect a shadowban on your account is through a noticeable decrease in the number of likes on your videos. When shadowbanned, your recent videos may receive minimal to no likes because TikTok quietly limits your profile, restricting users from viewing or engaging with your content.

While the concept of shadowbanning remains unfamiliar to many users, engaging in spam activities, hate speech toward other creators, or posting graphic content might prompt TikTok to secretly apply a shadowban to your account.

To prevent shadowbanning, it’s crucial to adhere strictly to the guidelines set by the platform.

4. On TikTok Feed

If your account faces a shadowban, TikTok will conceal your videos from appearing on users’ feeds, resulting in a sudden decrease in views. Even if your latest video adheres to guidelines, followers won’t find it on TikTok’s feed.

Continuous reports from users about your videos can lead to your content being omitted from TikTok’s For You feed, contributing to a silent shadowban.

TikTok relies heavily on automated moderation. Engaging in spreading fake news, promoting nudity or drugs, or violating copyright policies can prompt TikTok to shadowban your account.

5. Comments from others

Once shadowbanned on TikTok, your content’s engagement is curtailed and limited. Comments from viewers or followers won’t come through, and the absence of notifications about the shadowban can be particularly frustrating and bewildering.

The sudden lack of likes, shares, or comments on recent TikTok posts likely indicates a silent shadowban imposed by TikTok, causing a significant decline in engagement across your videos.

Interacting with viewers through comments is a crucial aspect of content sharing, but with a silently restricted account, viewers won’t encounter your videos on their feed, impeding their ability to comment or engage with your content.

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