How To Get Notification When Someone Is Online On WhatsApp

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✎ Quick Explanation:

  • Receive on-screen notifications whenever someone logs on or off.
  • Install the WhatsApp notification app on your mobile device, and designate the numbers for which you wish to receive notifications.
  • Stay informed when someone goes online with timely notifications.

How To Get Notification When Someone Is Online On WhatsApp:

From the following methods you can know this thing:

1. When the Person Reply

If you wish to check someone’s online status on WhatsApp, simply send them a message and wait for their response when they’re active. Remember, you’ll only receive a reply once they come online and view your message.

Ensure your WhatsApp notifications are enabled and unmuted to receive alerts about their response. Delayed message delivery may indicate the recipient is offline; look for two gray ticks to confirm delivery.

Once you receive a response, you’ll know the user is currently active on WhatsApp. However, if they intentionally choose not to reply, alternative methods may be necessary for confirmation.

2. From WhatsApp Group Activity

You can also determine someone’s online status through group interactions. If you’re part of a group with the user you’re curious about, observe whether they contribute to group discussions or activities. Monitoring group messages and activities can help identify who is currently online.

Ensure you have WhatsApp notifications enabled to receive alerts for group messages. If notifications are disabled, you won’t receive alerts, even if the group is unmuted. Remember to unmute the group to receive notifications in the WhatsApp notification panel.


The key takeaway is that sending a message and awaiting a response is a straightforward method to receive notifications when someone is active on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to know if someone is online on WhatsApp without opening the chat?

To check if a person is online on WhatsApp, open the WhatsApp application and search for the user’s profile by entering their contact name. Then, click on the chat and navigate to the profile name at the top bar. If you see the “online” tag below the user’s name, it indicates they are currently online.

2. How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

If someone is monitoring your online activity, they will also appear online themselves. You may notice the “online” tag changing to “typing” at times, indicating their presence. If they are checking your online status, they have likely opened your chat. Sending a message to them and seeing immediate blue read marks confirms that they were possibly checking your profile or last seen time.

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