What Does The Green Following Mean On Instagram

What Does The Green Following Mean On Instagram

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✎ Key Takes:

» To identify if someone is your close friend on Instagram, look for the green ‘Following’ button, visible after following and adding them to your close friend list.
» Additionally, use the green circle on a person’s story as an indicator to know if you’ve been added as their close friend.

What Does The Green Following Mean On Instagram:

Instagram offers various features that captivate users, among which coloring effects play a significant role. Just like the colorful circle feature for stories, Instagram has introduced a colorful following button feature with unique implications.

When the following button appears green, it signifies that you’ve added the person to your ‘Close Friends’ list. Conversely, if the person isn’t on your close friend list, the following button remains its default white color. Tapping on the green following button reveals the ‘Close Friends’ icon—a star against a green backdrop—indicating their inclusion in your close friend list.

To manage your close friends list, simply tap the following button and select the ‘Close Friends’ section. If the person isn’t currently on your close friends list, you’ll see an option to add them. Upon adding them, the following button turns green, confirming their status as a close friend.

What Is The Name Of The Following Button:

On Instagram, the ‘Followers’ option indicates who follows you, while the ‘Following’ button indicates that you follow the person on Instagram. This button may appear in either green or white color. When someone adds you as their close friend, the following button turns green; otherwise, it remains white by default.

How To Know If You’re On Close Friend’s List On Instagram:

Instagram doesn’t have a direct feature to inform you if you’re on someone’s close friend list. However, there are two methods you can use to determine if someone has added you as a close friend. You can either check their stories or view their close friends list.

🔯 Green Circle on Name

If someone adds you as a close friend, their Instagram story will have a green border ring. To check, go to the Instagram homepage and locate the stories section at the top of the bar. Swipe left to view the person’s stories, and if you see a green circle on any story, it means they’ve added you as a close friend.

🔯 Check Close Friends List

You can also view your own close friend list on Instagram to see whom you’ve added. Open your profile, tap the ‘Menu’ button, and select ‘Close Friends’. Those with a ‘tick’ at the top of the list are your close friends. While this doesn’t guarantee that they’ve added you as a close friend, there’s a possibility they have if you’ve added them.

How To Get The Green Following Button:

To obtain the green following button, you need to add the person to your close friends list. Adding someone to your close friends list is a simple process.

Before proceeding with the steps, remember that you must be following the person to access this feature. If you’re not following the person, you won’t be able to add them to your close friends list.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, follow the person you want to add to your close friends list.

Step 2: Open the person’s profile, tap on the ‘Following’ button, a pop-up will appear, then tap ‘Add to Close Friends List’.

Alternatively, you can go to your profile, tap on the ‘Menu’ icon, then tap ‘Close Friends’ and add the person from there.

After adding the person to your close friends list, the following button will appear in green color. For private accounts, you’ll need to wait until they accept your friend request. Additionally, when you share your story exclusively with your close friends, you’ll see a green ring around your story when you post.

What does it mean to follow on Instagram:

On Instagram, the ‘Following’ feature signifies that you are subscribed to someone’s updates on the platform. Once you follow someone, you’ll start seeing their posts and stories in your feed and timeline, respectively.

Their posts will appear in your feed, while their stories will be visible on your timeline. Initially, their profile will display a ‘Follow’ button, but after you’ve followed them, it changes to ‘Following’.

Tapping on the ‘Following’ button presents various options such as ‘Add to Close Friends list’ to include the person in your close friends’ circle, ‘Add to favorites’ to mark them as a favorite, ‘Mute’ to silence their stories, posts, or both, as well as options to ‘Restrict’ or ‘Unfollow’ the account.

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