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What Is An Excel Spill Error And How To Fix It?

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We are well known and satisfied with the features of Excel as it is an essential tool to manage your record of business and profession in the form of a digital sheet. However, there are numerous benefits of Excel. Sometimes, It might cause minor issues such as Spill errors, but there isn’t a big deal to solve it.

A spill error is an error that won’t allow the generated results in the column array. This spill error may occur due to various reasons. In this article, we will delve into the causes of spill errors and describe what they are.

Before we delve into the causes, we must understand what it is and why it occurs, so let’s find out together.

What is an Excel Spill Error?

Excel spill error is an issue that occurs while editing the sheets in MS 365, and such errors have many causes to appear. Most Excel users need help to solve the spill error. However, it’s convenient to overcome. If you want to prevent spill errors during your crucial editing files, you need to be focused and learn the control of Excel.

Excel spill error is usually a situation that users can’t understand and head towards the solutions of it. However, it can be solved if algorithms can be learned. A spill error occurs because the resulting chart has some invisible characters that do not allow the generating letters to be replaced.

Causes of Excel Spill Error

Several reasons can lead to the Excel spill error in MS Office 365, and it can be undone or corrected by simply editing the columns charts of resulting space. The following are the reasons that can cause Excel spill errors.

  • Blocked Spill: This blocked spill is the fundamental reason or cause of the Excel error. Sometimes, other sheet content blocks the spill, and it will result in a spill error. 
  • Breaches the Limit of Spill: It is also a significant cause for the Excel spill error, which breaches the limit of the spill, meaning you have used more than the recommended limit of the spill.
  • Invisible Values: Some values remain invisible in the dynamic columns, and it can cause a spill error. Values can be triggered by changing the color of values, as sometimes it gets white, which resembles the background color.

The following were the common causes of an Excel spill error. However, there might be other reasons, so you must analyze the sheet file and act accordingly.

Fixes for Excel Spill Error

Spill Errors are a concerning problem for the writers of Excel, and they must be consulted. Following are the actions that can fix the Excel errors.

  • Update the Excel: An Excel spill error can sometimes occur due to the old version you are using. Update to the latest one and try again. If the error isn’t solved, try other features as below.
  • Clear Adjacent Cells: If your Excel sheet includes other data or formulas in the cells, these might be the reason for the spill error. Clear the adjacent cells so that you can include the additionals.
  • Use Smaller Dateset: If you are encountering the spill error due to the extensive Dataset, reduce the limit of the Dataset, make it smaller, and your bug will be fixed. Try to maintain the limit of the spill.

Following the above steps may solve the Excel spill errors; if you still face the issue, there is probably another cause, and solutions should be taken accordingly.


Q: What is an Excel Spill Error?

A: In Excel, when a formula can be generated with multiple results, and Excel cannot align them in a grid, it is known as an Excel spill error, #Spill.

Q: What are the Major Reasons for Spill Error in Excel?

A: The following are the significant reasons for spill errors in Excel:

  • Extended the limit of Dataset.
  • The old version of Excel.
  • Blocked Spill.
  • Invisible Values in Cells.

Q: How to Avoid Spill Error in Excel?

A: To avoid or fix the spill Error in Excel, you need to consider the following issues:

  1. Use Smaller Datasets.
  2. Decrease the limit of the spill.
  3. Check the invisible formula values in cells.
  4. Clear the Adjacent cells in Excel.

Final Thoughts

If you are an Excel user facing the continuous spills bug, you are at the right place. You will fix the error of spills in your sheets right after reading that content. Excel spill error is a concerning problem in editing sheets, and it occurs due to various reasons. To fix the error, you need to follow the essential steps.

The steps that can fix the Excel spill error are moving the obstructing cell’s entry, deleting the obstructing cell’s entry, and unmerging the cells in a spilled area. You can fix the Excel formula error by adding @ before writing the formula. If the bug isn’t solved, you must update the Excel from the older version to the latest version.

Read the above article to learn the detailed Excel spill error-fixing steps. If you still need clarification or questions, ask in the comment section below. 

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