Dentures Designed for Comfort: Innovations in Smile Restoration

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It’s essential to take proper care of your dental health. Aside from the fear of cavities and decay, having bad dentition can also impact your lifestyle. It ruins your smile and sucks your confidence away. However, there’s always a fix for your dental problems, and today, we’ll have a look at flexible dentures.

Everyone knows that dentures are artificial teeth designed to replace lost or broken teeth and all their functions. They’re basically lifesavers that you can have fixed permanently or made removable for comfort. The latter option is the theme for today, and it’s important you know what to get if you’re looking for comfort.

Flexible Dentures and the Comfort They Bring

In essence, flexible dentures are dentures designed for comfort. They’re part of the many innovations aimed at improving oral health and dental function. You see, most dentures are made from materials like acrylic and metal. As a result, traditional dentures are more rigid and offer little to no flexibility.

On the other hand, flexible dentures are made with comfort and durability in mind, leading to the use of thermoplastic as their base material. Using thermoplastic gives flexible dentures an edge over the rest because they’re now more durable and lightweight, meaning you can easily adjust to them without feeling uncomfortable.

A lot of emphasis should be placed on the comfort factor of flexible dentures as they allow a simple and snug fit for your mouth. As a result, wearing flexible dentures reduces your risk of irritation and soreness.

Flexible Dentures and Their Role In Restoring Your Smile

Remember that eating and speech aren’t the only functions getting restored by flexible artificial dentition. Even your smile will be brought back to life when you opt for flexible dentures from Dorking Dental Centre. It’s also good to know that taking care of flexible dentures isn’t the hardest thing in the world so you won’t feel stressed trying to keep a healthy smile.

And it’s well known that a healthy smile contributes to a boost in confidence. So dentures have an impact on improving self-esteem and restoring your confidence and teeth to how you feel when you’ve got a bright smile glowing from your face. It’s one of the reasons why dentures of all types are becoming a fan favourite.

Taking Care of Your Dentures for Improved Lifespan

Recall that flexible dentures were described as durable. Well, such a feature is also aided by proper maintenance and care for the artificial teeth. In essence, if you want to get the best out of your dentures for a long while, here’s what you should follow:

  • Proper cleaning of the dentures using brushes that have soft bristles
  • Flexible dentures should be worn gradually starting with short periods and a gradual increase in time frame. This will help adapt properly without discomfort
  • Ensure you visit the dental clinic for regular check-ups
  • Maintain a healthy diet, avoiding meals that increase tooth sensitivity
  • And, of course, maintain good oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing to keep the plaques away

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