How To Fix Comments On This Post Have Been Limited On Instagram

How To Fix Comments On This Post Have Been Limited On Instagram

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How To Fix Comments On This Post Have Been Limited On Instagram:

Follow the methods below:

1. Ask Him on DM to Follow Back

Troubleshooting Limited Comments on Instagram

If you encounter the message “Comments on this post have been limited” while trying to comment on a post, here’s a solution:

  • The person needs to follow you for you to comment. Request them to follow your account.
  • Follow these steps to reach out via Instagram DMs:a. If you’ve previously interacted:
    • Open the Instagram app and tap the messaging icon at the top right.
    • Find the person’s username in your chat list and message them, asking for a follow back.
    b. If you haven’t interacted before:
    • Use the Search icon and find their profile.
    • If you already follow them, tap “Message” on their profile to request a follow back.

2. Let him change the privacy settings

Enabling Commenting by Changing Privacy Settings

If you’re unable to comment, there’s another way if they adjust their privacy settings. Here’s how to inform them or wait for their action:

For the Person to Enable Comments:

Step 1: Access Settings

  • Navigate to Profile icon > Three lines icon > “Settings.”
  • From the home screen, tap the “Profile” icon, then the three lines icon to reveal options. Select “Settings.”

Step 2: Adjust Comments Privacy

  • Go to “Privacy” > “Comments” section > “Everyone.”
  • Under the “Settings” tab, tap “Privacy” to access related options. Select “Comments.”
  • Tap “Allow Comments From” and choose “Everyone” to enable others to comment on their posts.

Once these settings are adjusted, you’ll be able to comment on their posts.

Why Does It Show Comments On This Post Have Been Limited On Instagram:

Here are the reasons below:

1. He’s not following you back

You encounter this message when attempting to comment on someone’s post on Instagram because the account owner doesn’t follow you back. This could be due to them being a celebrity or simply choosing not to follow your account.

Once they follow you, the message stating “Comments on the posts have been limited” will vanish, granting you the ability to comment on their posts. Essentially, for you to comment on their posts, they need to follow you back.

2. Person’s Privacy settings

Another key factor preventing you from commenting on someone’s post lies in their privacy settings. Certain individuals prefer to maintain a level of privacy, restricting comments solely to their followers or close contacts.

This choice might also stem from a desire to avoid receiving inappropriate or unwelcome comments. If you’re unable to remove the text, this could very well be the underlying reason.

3. Posted too many comments

If you’ve posted an excessive number of comments within a brief span, you might encounter the message “Comments on the posts have been limited.”

This occurs because the Instagram algorithm identifies such activity as potentially automated, triggering a temporary comment block once a specific comment threshold is surpassed.

Instagram implements this measure to prevent unnecessary traffic on the platform, ensuring smoother app performance at all times.

4. You’ve been Blocked

If you encounter the message “Comments on the posts have been limited” in a post’s comment section, it might indicate that the account holder has previously blocked you for a specific reason.

In such instances, there’s no direct way to unblock yourself unless you share a mutual follower or have another account available for commenting.

However, being blocked is usually the least probable explanation, so it’s unlikely that this is the case.

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