Childcare Centre: Common Myths You Must Know

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As a new parent, you’ll hear a lot of fresh tips, suggestions, and even advice about how to best care for your child. Numerous studies have revealed that most parents, or roughly 90% of parents, feel bad about prioritising their careers over the needs of their families. In addition, they are concerned about the quality of care their child will receive. Many of these kinds of stories are unfounded when it comes to nursery. So, if you were searching for childcare near me, here are some myths you must be aware of –

1. Childcare is just babysitting

This widespread misunderstanding discourages people from using childcare services, yet the opposite is true!

Qualified childcare persons who actively participate in the children’s learning will be found working in good nursery facilities. Every activity they conduct with your child is planned to advance their growth in some way.

2. The children only play; they do not study.

While most nursery activities centre on play, teachers adhere to set routines that aid in teaching and make children feel secure because they know what to expect next. Children acquire knowledge while playing. Language, physical, social/emotional, and cognitive development are all influenced by play, which incorporates communication and social skills.

3. Children’s immunity is compromised.

While it’s common for toddlers to catch coughs, colds, and stomach viruses during their first few months of childcare, these illnesses are typically only transient, and in the long term, they may even help toddlers build up their immunity.

If your child becomes ill, keeping them at home with a caring adult rather than in a creche facility is crucial. Children typically recover extremely quickly, and it will also keep other kids from being sick.

4. The relationship between parents and children is harmed by childcare.

Your child was always by your side before starting childcare. It’s common to experience separation anxiety while putting your child in a creche or nursery. The relationships your child develops with their teachers won’t alter the unwavering love you two share, even if this may be the first time they have spent more than a few minutes apart. The relationship between a parent and child is unique and irreplaceable; it is a fact. A child develops a strong, healthy relationship with their parents organically; when looking for Early learning near me, know that it cannot replace this.

5. Children with specific needs cannot be accommodated in childcare centres.

Childcare facilities can typically accommodate various types of children since they employ various trained childcare professionals. Childcare facilities must show that inclusion is a valuable quality to teach children.

At professional preschool near me, experts are dedicated to assisting any child with a specific need and handicap and making reasonable accommodations so that every child can utilise the nursery’s amenities to the fullest extent possible.

6. Nursery is monotonous and could lead to behavioural  problems.

This misconception is occasionally untrue because a quality nursery always offers various entertaining activities to encourage learning, interaction, and development, including singing, dancing, painting, and arts & crafts projects. Even when it came to behavioural problems, we discovered very little proof that the length of time kids spent in creche negatively impacted their behaviour.

7. Children’s relationship with their parents is weakened by childcare

It is not feasible since God established a relationship in heaven that cannot be broken under any circumstances. You should attempt to spend quality time with them whenever you have free time rather than worrying about this.

8. Unhealthy food is served in creche, contributing to obesity

It’s untrue since a reputable nursery always serves high-quality, wholesome food. Checking the menu card and the facility’s degree of hygiene on your first visit to the centre is the first step one may take to take further safeguards.

9. Do not focus exclusively on the kids.

The truth is different because a competent creche facility never takes in more than 6 to 8 children at a time. To satisfy the requirements of every toddler on the floor, this nursery always provides each one of them 100% of their attention.

10. Life is set if you pick a decent nursery!

Searching for preschool near me and choosing the appropriate childcare is one of the most crucial decisions because it is the first step in choosing an appropriate nursery. Therefore, you should first check all the schools to determine the type of environment that each one has.


For parents looking to make educated decisions for their children’s welfare, dispelling prevalent misconceptions about childcare facilities is essential. Parents can approach this important decision with clarity and confidence by refuting myths about daycare quality, price, and the effect on child development.

Childcare facilities provide children with a structured and instructional setting supporting their social and intellectual development. They are critical in assisting working parents and providing early education. Although prices vary, financial aid is frequently offered, making high-quality childcare affordable for many families.

The dedication to children’s safety and education is strengthened by being aware of the strict rules and licencing criteria that childcare centres must follow. The needs, preferences, and diligent investigation of each individual should guide the selection of a childcare facility.

It is crucial to understand that the growth and welfare of children come first in high-quality childcare facilities. With the correct decision, parents can relax knowing that their kids are growing up in a secure, supportive, and educational environment that will put them up for success in the future. By dispelling these beliefs, parents may make informed choices and give their kids the greatest possible start in life.

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