Why Can’t I Share A Story I’m Tagged In On Facebook

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✎ Key Takes:

» Facebook stories usually remain visible for up to 24 hours once uploaded. You have two options: upload your photo or video directly to the story or share someone else’s post to your story.

» Occasionally, you might encounter issues where the Facebook post-to-story feature doesn’t function. This could be due to a bug, privacy settings, or other factors.

» Many users find switching to the mobile app helpful, while others attempt using the desktop version of Facebook. If the problem persists, identifying the cause of the error becomes crucial for finding a solution.

Why Can’t I Share A Story I’m Tagged In On Facebook:

Three potential reasons could hinder you from sharing a Facebook post to your story.

1. No Share Button On Facebook Story

When using Facebook, users must adhere to its guidelines. If an account is suspected of spamming users or violating policies, it may be temporarily disabled from creating new posts, sharing stories, or engaging with others’ posts.

Typically, this temporary ban lasts for 24 hours, but it can extend if violations persist. If you receive a warning while sharing a post to your story, it’s advisable to refrain from sharing content that violates policies.

If you can’t find the option across devices, waiting a couple of hours and trying again might help. Sometimes, this issue could stem from a bug or server-related problem.

2. The Post You’re sharing to Story is not Public

Sharing Facebook posts to stories is possible only with public posts. When aiming to share a post from a Facebook Page to your story, the option is available only if the posts are public. However, if the account is private, sharing the post is not feasible.

Similar restrictions apply when attempting to share your friends’ posts. Identifying whether an account is private or not is relatively simple by observing the presence of the “Share” or “Send” button.

For private posts you intend to share in a Facebook story, the “Share” option appears immediately after the “Like” and “Comment” buttons. Conversely, if the account is public, the “Share” button is located directly below the post.

3. No ‘Share to your story’ option

Despite a post being public and displaying the “Share” option, you may not find the ‘Share to Your Story’ option in two scenarios. This limitation occurs either when using the web version of Facebook or when using Facebook Lite. Additionally, the option may not be available for sponsored posts.

This constraint arises because web browsers are not equipped to perform the task and enable you to make story-related changes. A clear illustration of this limitation can be observed when attempting to share a post to a story on Facebook through a PC.

Why Can’t I Share Facebook Post To Story:

If sharing a Facebook post to your story isn’t possible, it could be due to the post’s restricted privacy settings, preventing sharing as per the owner’s preferences. This means the post’s visibility is limited to the owner’s friends only, prohibiting you from sharing it to your own story.

✮ To address this, consider politely asking the post owner to adjust the privacy settings, enabling sharing and expanding its visibility to a broader audience.

Keep in mind that the absence of the share option might be due to privacy settings set by the post owner. Nevertheless, you can still share stories from other Facebook users who have permitted sharing.

If you’re unable to locate the share option for a Facebook story within the app, try using a web browser as an alternative.

How To Fix If You Can’t Share Post To Story:

There are several approaches you can explore to resolve the issue when you encounter difficulties sharing a post to your Facebook story.

1. Using Story Viewer+ (For iOS)

For iOS devices, an app called Story Viewer + can be used. It’s available for free on the App Store and enables you to download Facebook stories, which you can subsequently upload manually to your Facebook account.

🔗 Link: Story Viewer + by Picuki

🔴 Here’s the process:

Step 1: Download the app from the provided link.
Step 2: Tap on “Connect with Facebook.”
Step 3: Input your login credentials to link the app to your Facebook account.
Step 4: Search for the user using the input box at the top.
Step 5: Browse and select the stories displayed.
Step 6: Click on any story and then select “Download.”
Step 7: Open Facebook.
Step 8: Click on “+ Create Story.”
Step 9: Choose the downloaded story and click on “Share.”

2. Switch to the Facebook app or Desktop version

If you’re using the web version of Facebook, here’s a simple solution:

Step 1: Open the app, log in to your account, and navigate to the post you wish to share in your story.

Step 2: Click the “Share” button and select “Share to Your Story.”

Congratulations! You’ve successfully shared the post to your Facebook story.

3. Download and Upload Manually

If you prefer not to switch to the Facebook App or if the option to share a post in a story isn’t accessible, you can manually do it.

Step 1: Take a screenshot of the post, then click on the “Create Story” option. Choose the image from your photo gallery to share it with friends.

Step 2: Alternatively, if the post you wish to share is a video, you can use the Story Downloader app. These apps assist in downloading posts, allowing you to manually share them with friends by following the same steps.

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