Can a Dog Bed Really Calm Your Anxious Pup?

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Anxiety in dogs, although an unhealthy lifestyle, is a normal occurrence for most pups. Some live to outgrow it, while others suffer anxiety symptoms up until they become older dogs. Anxiety in your pup may stem from the fear of being separated which is separation anxiety; sheltered dogs who know no love or close family bonding; past trauma from neglect, ill-treatment and abuse or an underlying sickness yet untreated. But no matter the source of your pooch’s anxiety, science has proven there are ways to help your anxious pup feel much better.

One such way is a dog bed; not just any dog bed but a calming dog bed or an anti-anxiety dog bed. So, yes, a dog bed can really calm your anxious pup. Keep reading for the important things you need to know before investing in a calming dog bed for your anxious pup!

Benefits of a calming dog bed

A comfortable option

Calming dog beds are usually snug and soft, ready to help a restless or anxious dog into a comfortable, peaceful state. The comfort a calming dog bed provides also helps in inducing restful sleep and relieving your dog of stress as long as the stress triggers are not anywhere around the bed area.

Soothes pain

Due to the soft and cushiony materials of a dog bed, it becomes the perfect antidote to your pooch’s aching joints and bones. Some dog beds are also orthopaedic calming beds and are made specifically to soothe aching parts in a dog which may contribute to its anxiety.

Brings warmth

Some dog beds are self-warming, which might be all your pup needs to stop the fidgeting, agitation, whining and incessant barking that are signs of stress and anxiety.

When will a calming dog bed not be effective?

We have seen how beneficial a dog bed can be to your anxious pooch, but there are instances where a calming dog bed may not be your best bet. Where the cause of your pooch’s anxiety is an underlying illness, then medical care and not a dog bed should be your go-to.

You might come to this conclusion if your dog continues showing signs of anxiety, irrespective of long hours on the dog bed. In such an event, it is advised to go for a medical check-up at the vet to determine if the anxiety is due to an unknown health issue.

Similarly, if the anxiety is rooted in other things like environmental influences like loud noises and crowded places, then all you have to do is reduce or totally eliminate such triggers and your pooch will be fine. More so, in such situations, removing the triggers coupled with the calming dog bed will work faster.

Conclusively, besides helping with anxiety, a dog bed is great for several other reasons. And so, like a microfiber dog towel, a dog bed is a must-have essential for your pup.

How do you handle your pup’s separation anxiety?

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