5 daily tasks that will help keep your home clean

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To maintain ideal order, you don’t have to do everything every week; it’s enough to change your household habits a little.

It’s nice when you come home from work and it’s clean, the dishes have been washed and everything is shiny. But it’s not always possible to find time for complete cleaning, much less do it often. I’ll tell you how to keep your home tidy with daily cleaning that doesn’t take much time.

How is daily cleaning different from others?

To understand what is included in it, I will compare it with other types. They are made at different periods, and not all at once. And each type has its own tasks.

General. Her task is to clean and wash as much as possible those places that we usually don’t get to. I recommend doing it 2-4 times a year to wash windows, wash textiles, wash lamps and kitchen units inside, wipe down all cabinets and cornices, dust walls, move furniture aside to wipe dusty nooks.

Weekly. Once a week it is useful to carry out more thorough cleaning: dust, vacuum, wash the floor, disinfect surfaces and plumbing. This will prevent unpleasant odors and maintain hygiene in the house.

Daily cleaning is responsible for visual order in “hot spots”. It is enough to collect a couple of scattered T-shirts, remove excess dishes and utensils from the countertop in the kitchen, and put food in the closet and refrigerator, and it’s already pleasant to be in the room.

How to determine your set of daily must-dos:

Pay attention to areas that are not cleaned every day.

Record the time during which you can put them in order without effort.

For example, you have a cat, so every week you have to wash his entire litter tray and change the wood litter. If you shake the tray every day so that the used litter falls under the grate, and immediately clean up after your pet, then you will have to completely change the litter less often. The same is true if you have small children and need to pick up toys from the floor every evening.


Make the beds

How long will it take: 1 minute per bed

How to organize. You need to make your bed every day – it’s a matter of hygiene. This way, less dust and harmful bacteria accumulate, which can weaken the immune system, especially when the bed is used for games or relaxation during the day.

It is best to refill it 10-15 minutes after you get up. This will give the bed linen time to air out. Even if you want the result to look like the picture on Pinterest, it won’t take much time.

Which will make the process easier. Make sure the bedspread fits the size of the bed. If it is too large, you will have to constantly bend it, otherwise its edges will collect dust from the floor.


Remove things from surfaces

How long will it take: from 10 minutes – depends on the number of things and the area of the apartment

How to organize. Often things accumulate on an armchair or chair in the bedroom, on the floor in the nursery, as well as in work areas in the kitchen. When a space becomes cluttered, visual noise is created.

To prevent this from happening, every morning or evening you should take things away from armchairs and chairs: anything you don’t plan to wear in the next couple of days, feel free to throw it in the wash. It is better to put lids, containers and excess kitchen utensils in closed cabinets. Toys – in boxes and on shelves. And extra pieces of paper from the desktop go to waste paper.


To wash the dishes

How long will it take: from 5 to 15 minutes – depends on the number of household members and the availability of a dishwasher

How to organize. If you regularly cook at home, dishes accumulate in and around the sink. To avoid having a pile of dirty dishes at the end of the day, it’s easier to get into the habit of washing them right away or putting them in the dishwasher. It is mentally easier and faster to wash a small batch of dishes immediately after cooking. For example, if one person was having lunch, two minutes would be enough.


Wipe tables and surfaces

How long will it take: 3 minutes

How to organize. Wipe kitchen countertops after every meal, sanitize the sink if it is greasy, and sanitize the stove immediately after cooking.

Which will make the process easier. For the kitchen, it’s good to have a melamine sponge or a high-quality microfiber cloth on hand for glossy surfaces and soft touch: it doesn’t leave streaks and removes dirt well.

CASE No. 5

Configure autostart of the robot vacuum cleaner

How long will it take: 1 minute

How to organize. Many robot vacuum cleaners have a scheduled function. You can schedule a time when the device will start cleaning itself every day.

This habit will help keep your floors clean: there is less dust, you can wash less often. But it is important to train yourself to remove large debris from the floor before starting the robot, otherwise its work will become more difficult.

Which will make the process easier. If you don’t have a robot vacuum cleaner, you can make manual cleaning easier with cheaper devices. For example, a Redna mop with a wringer for washing floors or a mop with a Spray Pro sprayer are suitable.

While cleaning, do not forget that the most important thing in the house is a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Therefore, if you are tired, do not forget to rest. One of the interesting ways to relax can be placing bets on Pilipinas Ivibet.

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